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Titanfall Director Is Now Leading A Small Team At Respawn On A New Project On A “Mission To Find The Fun In Something New”

Titanfall, when it first launched may not have been entirely understood by the industry, but along with its beloved sequel it became a franchse that players still hold near and dear.

It would even continue in today’s extremely popular battle royale Apex Legends, which is set within the same universe as the Titanfall games.

Respawn Entertainment has therefore been marked as the makers of some of today’s best games, across both shooters and as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has proven, single-player action titles as well.

Now, according to Respawn head Vince Zampella in a recent interview with Axios, it seems like the makers of Titanfall are once again looking to make new waves in the industry, as Titanfall’s director Steve Fukuda is now leading a “very small” team at Respawn.

As Zampella puts this new teams goal, “The mission is to find the fun in something new.”

Zampella went on in the interview to discuss what he feels is most important to “interactive entertainment,” saying that “the story can be great…but if it doesn’t feel good, who cares?”

Hopefully we’ll soon find out more about Fuduka and his team’s new project.

Source – [Axios]