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Respawn Is Developing An All New Single-Player IP

We already know that Respawn is working on a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and we know that they are constantly working on Apex Legends, but now thanks to a hiring call for developers we now know that they are also developing an all new single player IP.

The news comes from as previously mentioned a call for hiring developers to join this team at Respawn set to working on this new IP. It was tweeted out by Mohammed Alavi, creative director at Respawn, saying that it is currently a small team working on this project looking to make a big splash.

You can see the tweet for yourself here:

It is extremely exciting to hear that we’ll be getting something entirely new from Respawn, though it is unfortunate to know that since Alavi specifies this is a “brand new” adventure, it is unlikely this project is the return of any IP we already know about, like for example, Titanfall.

Source – [Twitter]