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Road To Battlefield V Promotion Offers Free BF1 and BF4 DLC

Battlefield V launches on the 19th October

As part of EA’s ongoing Road to Battlefield V promotion, both Battlefield 1’s ‘Turning Tides’ and Battlefield 4’s ‘Second Assault’ DLC expansions are now free-to-play on all platforms until 17th July.

Additionally, anyone who plays Battlefield 1 over the course of the summer giveaway can earn various rewards, such as weapon skins and exclusive paratrooper gear, that can be redeemed in Battlefield V when it releases this Autumn.

Battlefield V co-op and evolving theater of war

Road to Battlefield V – Turning Tides

Road to Battlefield V makes BF1's Turning Tides free to all players

Turning Tides was arguably Battlefield 1’s most notable expansion, shifting the focus from traditional infantry combat to the amphibious assault of the Gallipoli peninsula; a move that fundamentally changing the ebb and flow of combat on its quartet of maps: Achi Baba, Cape Helles, Heligoland Bight, and Zeerbrugge.

Turning Tides also introduces a brand-new operation, the Conquest Assault game mode, the British Royal Marines, six additional weapons, the Infiltrator elite class, the L-Class Destroyer, the nimble C-Class Airship, and numerous supplementary service assignments and unlocks.

Road to Battlefield V – Second Assault

Described as “a love letter to the classic maps of Battlefield 3, redesigned with the power of the Frostbite 3 game engine”, Battlefield 4’s Second Assault DLC, meanwhile, offers plenty of additional content.

This includes: the Capture the Flag game mode, ten new assignments, a dune buggy, and five bonus weapons.

The next instalment of EA DICE’s popular FPS franchise trades the harrowing trenches of World War 1 for the equally poignant, if slightly more modern, setting of World War 2. However, aside from the change of setting, Battlefield V’s most notable features are the inclusion of a battle royale mode and the lack of a season pass; meaning each and every DLC expansion will be totally free for every player. Though there will be microtransactions, naturally.

Battlefield V arrives on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in just a few months’ time: 19th October 2018, to be exact.

Source: EA