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Rocket League: How Long It Takes To Get All 70 Tier Rewards In Rocket Pass

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Psyonix is introducing the Rocket League Rocket Pass on September 6. Giving players some new ways to earn up to 70 rewards, it’s going to take you a long time to unlock them all.

The Rocket Pass features a free and premium edition. With the free one, you can unlock up to 29 items each time you move up a tier by earning XP by playing matches. Grab the Premium Pass and you can earn up to 70 items. Or, you could just buy them all and don’t even bother with the tiers.

How Long Does It Take To Unlock 70 Rocket League Tiers?

However, if you want to earn these Rocket League rewards the good old fashioned way, you’re going to have to put the work in. Psyonix says it will take approximately 100 hours to go through all 70 tiers. That may change depending on whether you’re playing the game on Double XP weekends.

Over on the Rocket League Reddit thread, one player has broken it down even further. You ready for the grind?

  • September 5th to November 26 is 82 days.
  • 70 tiers x 20,000 xp per tier = 1,400,000 xp

So that means you need 17,073 xp per day. Assuming you earn on average 1,200 xp per match (which will vary quite a bit based on wins, losses, performance, party bonus, etc), you would need to play just over 14 matches a day.

The first two matches each day have a 200% bonus and therefore equate to 3 matches each. So you really only need to play 10 matches per day.

This means you need to play about 1.5 hours a day to unlock all the tiers. This amount will be slightly reduced based on xp boosts and free xp in the Premium Rocket Pass, as well as double XP periods that Psyonix has hinted at.

So, the pass does offer various XP boosts at certain stages, which means you can likely knock some time off that total of 1.5 hours a day. Also, it’s worth noting that the Premium Pass apparently gives a permanent 50% XP boost, so you can cut that time by half (we’re waiting firm clarification on that from Psyonix as we don’t see it listed anywhere).

Just don’t go skipping any days out, otherwise you could be spending the last week or Rocket Pass 1 with your head totally buried in Rocket League!