Rumor: Final Fantasy X HD for PS3 coming in June, graphics as good as FF XIII’s

 The high-definition remake of the beloved Final Fantasy X for the PS3 may be coming sooner than we think. On top of that, it could be better than your average HD re-release.

Sony is currently holding their annual retailers event, Destination PlayStation, in Arizona this week. An attendee named Aibo of the website Final Fantasy Reunion has claimed screenshots of Final Fantasy X HD’s PS3 version were shown and tweeted its graphics are on par with Final Fantasy XIII’s. Also, the game is supposedly set to release in June, according to Aibo.

Square Enix recently showed off the PlayStation Vita version during last week’s Japanese PS Vita webstream.

A June release slot is surprising, given how little of the game has been shown, but is a good choice, as the summer is a slow time for game releases. Additionally, it fills a void in Square Enix’s blockbuster schedule between Tomb Raider releasing this spring and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in the fall.

Regardless, this news has me more excited to get my hands on Final Fantasy X HD. If Square Enix can pull off a successful HD remake that sells well, maybe a Final Fantasy VII one isn’t such a pipe dream! We’ll keep updating you on any further breaking news on everything Final Fantasy.