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Rumor – New DualSense Colours Planned Including Metallic Grey

Sony Interactive Entertainment looks set to launch a new range of DualSense controller colours, as fans have unearthed reference to two unreleased variations on the DualSense’s warranty page.

Both Metallic Grey and Metallic Red have been name-dropped although neither are currently available to purchase yet. Clearly something is being planned, and it’s not hard to imagine these colours also extending to the range of PS5 faceplates available.

Speaking of which, after numerous third-party companies tried to cash in on the faceplate craze, Sony finally released its official line in January 2022.

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The DualSense’s standard colour scheme is white and black, although Sony soon churned out a variety of different colours including Black, Cosmic Red, God of War, Midnight Black and more.

In addition to the above, Sony also produced a brand new version of the DualSense, known as the DualSense Edge controller, which you can read more about in our review here.

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