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Rumor – PSVR 2 Specs Leaked, Mentions OLED Screen, HDR Support, And Controllers With Capacitive Touch Sensors

YouTuber PSVR Without Parole has posted a video detailing a bunch of PSVR specs that have supposedly leaked from Sony’s PlayStation VR2 developer summit earlier this week. None of this has been officially confirmed yet by the format holder, but makes for an interesting read nonetheless.

While many of the details have been posted before, there’s a bunch of tidbits that are new in regards to what PSVR 2 is packing under the hood. Speaking of PSVR 2, Sony isn’t apparently calling it that; rather, it’s referring to the device as NGVR, or Next-Gen VR.

Elsewhere, it’s been claimed that the PSVR 2 screen will be OLED and support HDR, while the screen FOV will clock in at 110 degrees, which puts it at 20 degrees more than the Quest 2, 10 degrees more than PSVR, and a couple of degrees higher than Valve Index.

The PSVR 2 controller has yet to attract an official title, but Sony is looking to package it with every VR headset. In addition, they’re also equipped with capacitive touch sensors, something which wasn’t previously touted.

Furthermore, the hardware giant is keen on moving toward AAA console games for PSVR 2 by developing hybrid titles that work on both the flat screen and VR.

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There’s currently no mention about backwards compatibility for PSVR games with the new device, but Sony is apparently pushing to remaster titles for its new virtual reality headset. The company will apparently reveal launch details for PSVR 2 in early 2022.

Yesterday, it was reported that Digital Foundry had seen some unreleased PSVR 2 specs, which makes the device look even better than previously thought.

Sony has yet to announce a PSVR 2 release date.

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