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Rumor – Silent Hill 2 Remake Screens Leak Online, Are From Early Concept Build

Images of the as-yet announced Silent Hill 2 Remake have surfaced online, although according to insider Dusk Golem, they are far from what the final build of the game will look like.

The screenshots showcase what appears to be an over-the-shoulder camera in a similar style to Resident Evil 4, replacing the fix angles seen in the original version of the game.

They’re real, but they’re not even CLOSE to the final product. These are from an internal pitch demo from Bloober before they got greenlit, so its literally a no budget proof of concept thing rather than a final product, just keep that in mind. Out of everything that could’ve leaked, this isn’t actually what the final game looks like.

I mentioned before Konami was looking for pitches in Summer of 2018, this was one of the pitches that got greenlit, but take it for what it is; a proof of concept no budget demo to pitch a concept.

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Silent Hill 2 Remake is reportedly in development at Bloober Team, and is one of three new entries in the franchise supposedly in development. While Konami hasn’t officially announced anything yet, it is believed a reveal for a Silent Hill project will be made soon.

Silent Hill 2 was released for the PS2 back in winter 2001, and is widely considered one of the greatest horror games ever made. The game is a standalone story that follow James Sunderland, who travels to the foggy town after receiving a letter from his late wife, Mary.

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