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Rumour – A Major Elden Ring DLC Is On Its Way

Elden Ring was without a doubt the biggest game of 2022 in many ways, and with FromSoftware’s precedent of delivering some incredible DLC expansions, players are anxiously waiting for Elden Ring to get the same treatment.

The only real confirmation we’ve gotten from FromSoftware is Hidetaka Miyazaki saying that there’s still “several more things” the studio intends to do with Elden Ring.

Now however a leaked Discord conversation said to be involving YouTuber and dataminer Lance McDonald, who’s know for showcasing cut content from each of FromSoftware’s Souls games, Elden Ring included, indicates that a major DLC is incoming.

“There’s a huge DLC coming” McDonald says. He’s asked if he means that the game will get “a proper area,” to which he says “I know a lot about what it’s adding, but I don’t know about any new gameplay mechanics. Yeah, really big.”

At first glance it could be that McDonald is indicating to the other person that a new region within the world of Elden Ring could be on its way. Where that region falls on the map of The Land Between is still to be seen, though there are more than a few candidates.

And even if its a new island entirely, FromSoftware could simply change the design of the map so that a few absent clouds reveal a new area.

All of that is just speculation of course, but with Elden Ring being as big as it is, there’s almost no way we don’t get DLC for it, right?

Source – [Reddit]