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Rumour – Amy Hennig’s Marvel Game Will Feature Captain America And Black Panther In A WW2 Setting

Disney and Marvel are less than a day from a joint gaming-focused showcase, but it looks like details from the show might have already begun leaking.

A Marvel-focused leaks account on Twitter claimed that the game to be shown from Amy Hennig’s team at Skydance New Media will feature Captain America and Black Panther fighting Hydra during World War II.

We know that whatever game Hennig and her team are working on, we were meant to see a little bit of it because that was announced with the news that the showcase would be happening.

However this rumour does tell a different story than previous rumours, which pointed to an “ensemble” title featuring the Fantastic Four.

Black Panther and Captain America together still do technically make an ‘ensemble’, so its possible that we could very well see Steve Rogers and T’Chaka tomorrow.

Not T’Challa of course, but his father, who would’ve been King of Wakanda and Black Panther at the time.

Thankfully, whether it’s a new Fantastic Four game or Black Panther and Captain America teaming up to fight Hydra, we won’t have to wait long to find out, as the showcase goes live tomorrow evening.

Source – [MurphysMultiverse]