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Rumour – Destiny 3 Could Be In Development Under The Codename Payback

Rumours that Bungie are working on Destiny 3 have kicked up a notch following this week’s livestream for The Final Shape, with the Luke Smith making it clear that there’s more to come following the expansion — not just for Destiny 2, but the series as a whole, too.

So, why all the chatter about Destiny 3? Well, as reported by Forbes, back in February a Reddit account posted on the Destiny2leaks board about something called Prism, which turned out to be the Prismatic subclass. It reads as follows:

Anyone here know if prism has been leaked yet? Since there’s been no answer yet I guess I’ll leak it: Bungie is working on a system called prism that will allow players to mix and match abilities from different subclasses. This is one of the things being worked on during the delay. Imagine throwing a lightning grenade while on solar, or procing devour and rampaging with Stormcaller.

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This post is significant as it was the first time this was reported anywhere, and it turned out out to be the real deal and one of the biggest reveals from Bungie’s showcase. With that in mind, another part of the post delves into Destiny 3:

Destiny 3 is (was? idk) in development under code name payback. One of the big changes for Destiny 3 is (was, again idk) for classes to no longer exist and allow any character to spec into any ability since lore wise there is no reason you couldn’t (Hunters explicitly learned blink from Warlocks and blink isn’t tied to a single element, hence the logic there).

Right now Bungie hasn’t announced anything about Destiny 3 and the person responsible for the leak clearly outlines that they don’t know if the game is still in development. However, it’s still interesting to see, and worth thinking about considering Destiny 2 launched in 2017 — maybe Bungie is thinking about the next game?

Back in April 2023 Destiny 3 was trending on Twitter after fans started to share their opinion that a sequel needs to happen, as many people were apparently getting tired of Destiny 2.

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