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Rumour: Until Dawn Is Coming To PS5 & PC

PS Plus leaker Billbil-kun has claimed that Until Dawn, the teen horror game from Supermassive Games released in 2015, is coming to PS5 and PC. Their report comes only one day after they reported on the full title for Death Stranding 2.

This is only a rumour at the moment as Sony hasn’t announced anything about a re-release for Unit Dawn, and it’s not known at this point if it will be a simple port or a full-blown remake. However, with news that Until Dawn is getting a movie adaptation, it would make sense to bring the game back into the public consciousness with a PS5 version.

The repot claims that Until Dawn has been in the works for PS5 and PC for β€œat least a year.” There’s rumours that a State of Play event may drop soon, so we could hear something then if this turns out to be the real deal.

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It’s worth remembering that back in February 2022 it was reported that an Until Dawn remake was in development at Supermassive Games.

You can read our full review of Until Dawn here.

[Source – Billbil-Kun via IGN]