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Sea Of Thieves Has Hit 40 Million Players, Weeks Before It’s Arrival On PS5

Sea Of Thieves is the fourth, and for now final, game from Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios to be coming to PlayStation consoles, and ahead of that launch set for April 30, 2024, Rare’s pirate-life adventure has hit a huge milestone.

In a blog post on the game’s official website, executive producer Joe Neate celebrates Sea Of Thieves reaching more than 40 million players since it launched all the way back in 2018.

“As I’m sure you can imagine, when it comes to Sea Of Thieves my days are full of numbers,” Neate begins. “Development costs, active services, days until the next update…Sometimes though, a truly extraordinary number stands out – a number like 40 million, which I’m incredibly pleased to say is the number of pirates who’ve set sail in Sea Of Thieves!”

It’s a huge number and milestone, and all signs point to that number skyrocketing even further when the game arrives on PS5 in the coming weeks.

Sea Of Thieves enjoyed some time at the top of the PlayStation Store’s pre-order charts, which likely means there’s potentially already more than a million players ready to jump in at the end of the month.

Sea Of Thieves arriving on PS5 and PS4 will also mark the first time ever a game developed by Rare will make its way onto a PlayStation console, a fact that doesn’t seem like it should be real, but very much is.

Source – [Rare]