Secret Agent Clank has gone gold

For those of you who love everything Ratchet & Clank, you’ll be happy to know that the latest instalment in the series, Secret Agent Clank, has officially gone gold.

Essentially, this means you can expect no delays from its expected release date of June 17, 2008. Developed by High Impact Games, Clank has never looked this good before, especially on the PlayStation Portable.

Those of you who happen to prefer Ratchet to his robotic compatriot, don’t fret, as Ratchet, Qwark and gadgebots are all featured as playable characters as well. In order to score a sneak peak at this upcoming game, all you’ll have to do is download the demo from the PlayStation Network or the PC Store later today, where you’ll be given the entire first level to check out.

According to the Official PlayStation Blog, the first level will have you "…sneaking into a museum, dodging lasers, subduing guards three times your size, and even tossing out a tie-a-rang or two."

As stated above, you can expect this to hit retail shelves come June 17, until then, just enjoy the demo.