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Serial Cleaners Is Stealth Action For PS4 And Possibly PS5


Draw Distance has announced Serial Cleaners, a sequel to the excellent 2017 game, which will launch for PS4 in 2021 with a possible PS5 release.

Serial Cleaners will move the game to the 90s and will be a homage to Tarantino’s classics and B-Movie action films. It remixes the familiar places and adds its own unique spin and a decade full of brightly colored optimism to the original.

The game has four different characters, with four different perspectives: street smarts, brute force, cutting-edge tech skills and old-fashioned tools of the trade. Different paths and choices affect the unravelling of the narrative. The studio isn’t sure if it will be able to bring the game to next-gen at the moment.

You can watch the reveal trailer for Serial Cleaners on PS4 and “Maybe” PS5 below:

The game was one of a number of announcements made at today’s Future Games Show. You can catch up on all the announcements made on our home page.

Serial Cleaners comes to PS4 and possibly PS5 in 2021.