Shadow Warrior 2 enemy guide

We here at PlayStation Universe hold action romps like Shadow Warrior in a special sort of reverence. 

You know the ones – the sort of adventures that unabashedly satiate that primal urge to create as much chaos as possible, harkening back to the halcyon days where narrative exposition took a backseat in favor of frenetic, satisfying gameplay; a realm where actions certainly spoke louder than words.

Shadow Warrior 2 enemies will put up a real fight

But let’s face it, a game’s fighting mechanics and weapon load-out only hold weight when paired with a set of menacing foes and targets that are both fun and challenging to dispatch with said armory. Luckily for us, in anticipation of its launch, developer Flying Wild Hog has peeled back the curtain to show us just what sort of opposition we’ll be donning the tinted shades and testing our wits against in the upcoming Shadow Warrior 2 when it releases in early 2017 on consoles.

Without further ado, let’s see what sort of adversaries await.

Shadow Warrior 2 enemy guide: Know your enemy

First up is Toro. A favorite in the offices of Flying Wild Hog – with them going as far as to say he’s like a ‘pet’ – this mutated samurai is decidedly simple in his makeup. Stoic, imposing, and brandishing a glaive that could slice through you at a moment’s notice, he’s the sort of figure that you wouldn’t want to mess with without having a comprehensive grasp of the game’s mechanics first. He isn’t any slouch in the defensive department either, what with his heavy-set plate armor and elongated claw-like arm that provides range when faced with the piercing sterility of Lo Wang’s blade. 

Taking its visual cues from the likes of Hellraiser and/or perhaps a ghastly retelling of Capcom’s ill-fated Onimusha series, Mist is the sort of enemy that looks as if he’d take a more meticulous approach to stopping Lo Wang dead in his tracks rather than the bulldozing, headstrong approach you’d associate with the more stocky of foes within the game. Evil incarnate, Mist, with his shogun-like appearance and long, sigil-scythe-type mechanism on his back, certainly isn’t someone you’d like to meet down a dark alley on your way back from the local pub.

Next up is Hammerhead, a shogun-lite if you will, who was affectionately codenamed ‘Hobo’ in-engine due to his raggedy demeanor during production. By the looks of it, Hammerhead takes a little more of a traditional approach to combat, what with his firm grasp of a battered club resting on his side. While perhaps lacking the imposing figure of some of the more brutish foes on the roster, Hammerhead does seem to possess a degree of tenacity and perseverance that’ll prove difficult for Lo Wang to shake. 

Now this is more like it. 

Truth be told, there’s nothing better than taking advantage of Shadow Warrior’s dismemberment mechanic by systematically chopping down a boorish oaf such as a Belly limb by limb. Derived from what seems to be a sumo wrestler with an even bigger penchant for food, Belly is proud of who he is, exuding confidence, (amongst other bodily excretions) and is hell bent on exacting revenge on Lo Wang for all of his fallen comrades. Known for his practicality, Belly uses that giant bell attached to his person as a mace – a one-stop shop for inflicting a high degree of pain, so be tread carefully. 

A far cry from the above, but nonetheless still a daunting prospect in its own right, the Boomer is a cross between a satanic-looking turtle and a hermit crab. Lacking in stature and perhaps the swirling gravitas seen in the likes of Toro, the Boomer is still an enemy that needs to be approached with a healthy degree of caution. As the name would lead you to believe, the Boomer explodes on contact – devastating anything in its vicinity. Perhaps the best route to take, then, is one involving lead and a healthy distance. It’s your call, just make sure you look good doing it.

Whoever said a dog was a man’s best friend had obviously not come up against a Fang. Inspired by the letter ‘X’ – and no, not Major Dutch’s nemesis, the Predator (the designer was explicit on that point) – this little terrier is a real nuisance to come up against in the game’s main campaign. On the flip side, however, just imagine how satisfying it’ll be to sever each and every one of its facial appendages, taking it down a peg or two. It’s the sort of enemy that should, in theory, really accentuate the fluidity of the game’s sword mechanics.

The gamut of enemies wouldn’t be complete, of course, without something spider-related. And that’s where the Stinger comes in – Flying Wild Hog’s dastardly concoction that takes the long, purposeful legs of a spider and places them below the body of a scorpion – with two stingers, no less. It’s also got the face of a spider, because why not? All in all, the Stinger is the sort of fearsome enemy that will present itself as more of a niggling annoyance chomping at your legs than something that’ll stand toe to toe with you like Toro. Even so, don’t take them lightly – you’ll regret it if you do.

There’s plenty more enemies where that came from but we think it better to leave a few for you to discover on your own. Let it be known, though, from what we’ve seen, Lo Wang’s going to have his toughest test yet.

Shadow Warrior 2 release date: When is the game out?

Still aching for more Shadow Warrior 2? You’ll have to wait until 2017 for its release on PS4 and Xbox One. We’re still waiting for an official release date,  but in the meantime have a gander at some of the weapons you’ll have access to throughout the campaign right here and also head below to jot down your thoughts in the comments section.