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Sifu’s Final Title Update Will Launch This September

Sloclap’s popular kung-fu fighting game Sifu has been the developers biggest hit since it launched back in 2022, and the team has been supporting it with new content updates since.

Now however Sloclap has revealed that the game’s final title update will go live on September 7, 2023, which means that it looks like Sloclap is getting ready to move on to whatever its next project is, at least game wise.

This September won’t be the end of Sloclap’s time with Sifu. While it’ll still likely release maintenance updates, there’s been reports of a live-action film based on Sifu in the works, with the writer of the John Wick films on board.

With Hollywood’s current strike situation there’s no telling if it’ll actually happen or when it’ll happen, but Sifu definitely fits the bill for a game that suits well for a live-action adaptation.

As far as what’s to come in this last title update, Sloclap’s teases in its tweet announcement that players will “face the toughest challenges yet,” seemingly implying you might be put up against all five of the game’s bosses at once.

In the trailer’s description, Sloclap also lists that this update will add:

  • 6 new Arenas
  • 75 new challenges
  • Gripping modifiers and cheats
  • New outfits
  • Zombie-like enemies and doppelgangers

With the update just over a month away, it’s likely we’ll hear more details about what to expect soon, and more interesting hopefully hear more about what Sloclap’s plans are post-Sifu.

Source – [Sloclap]