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Silent Hill: Ascension, A New “Interactive Streaming Series” Announced

Silent Hill: Ascension is another brand new Silent Hill project that was revealed today during Konami’s presentation, Silent Hill Transmission.

What’s interesting about Ascension is that it is said to be an “interactive streaming series,” in which audiences will communally make decisions that’ll “shape the canon of Silent Hill.”

It’s said to be coming in July 2023, from four studios working collaboratively on the project. Bad Robot Games, Behavior Interactive, DJ2 Entertainment, and Genvid.

You can check out the short teaser trailer for Silent Hill: Ascension for yourself, here.

The trailer shows a bit of what it might be like with the community being able to weigh in on what’s happening on screen, and potentially change the course of the story.

It’s an interesting concept to say the least, and it’ll be particularly interesting to see just how Konami intends to pull it off.

Of course Silent Hill: Ascension wasn’t the only new entry in the Silent Hill franchise announced today. Silent Hill f and Silent Hill Townfall are two new games that were announced today, along with a new film called Return To Silent Hill.

Source – [Konami]