PS4 Skyforge Updates

Skyforge Update Patch Notes Land As Battle Royale Begins

skyforge update patch notes

There’s a big Skyforge update today which introduces the new Battle Royale mode. With a choice of 12 classes, players will be fighting to the death with a range of explosive, plasma and bullet-based weapons.

As well as being able to deploy turrets, become invisible and detect enemies, you’ll also have access to an array of grenades, traps and gadgets. Skyforge Battle Royale hosts 40 players and you receive credits and Battle Royale currency, which can be used to rent mnew heroes.

Like other Battle Royale modes, the game area will shrink over time. If you get caught outside of the game area you’ll die. Check out the full Skyforge release notes below.

Skyforge Update Patch Notes

  • Added Sparks of Transformation to rewards for Battle of Golems and Massive Battles.

  • You can no longer activate your divine form while playing a musical instrument. You must stop playing it first.

  • Fixed the issue in the Heavy Hydra Executioner adventure where you could lose Faith during the boss fight if you had the Transcendence ability

  • Fixed the issue where the camera could zoom out too far after teleportation.

  • Fixed zooming out on the map.

  • Fixed the issue where after using Rise from the Dead you could avoid death by switching classes.


  • Necromancer
  • Morodea, Focus of Power – in rating PvP, reduced the bonus damage gained for every point of Necrotic Energy spent on turning into Lich.

Small Battles

  • At the end of each round, the Necromancer’s Shadow of the Past effect is removed.

Rating PVP

  • Fixed the issue where characters’ stats included bonuses to health and damage provided by divine temples. All classes now have the standard number of stats.
  • Defense classes have their Damage Bonus reduced but their Health Bonus increased.
  • Mages and Outlaws have their Health Bonus reduced.
  • Chat members are now displayed correctly after teleportation
  • Teleporting to another map sets the Alchemist’s and Necromancer’s energy to zero. These classes must start a new fight with 0 energy.

Known Issues

  • Some skills are missing descriptions.
  • Hacker


  • Creates a temporary return point. Can instantly return to it, losing all their equipment.

Item generator

  • Creates a random item nearby.

Skyforge is a free-to-play massively multiplayer game currently available to download on PS4. The new Skyforge update is now available to download. For more information, check out our Skyforge gameplay impressions.