Sledgehammer working on ‘next-gen Call of Duty game’

Sledgehammer Games, co-developer behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has fueled speculation that the studio is working on a new title in the military shooter franchise following some job openings.

Posting on LinkedIn (via NowGamer), the company is on the lookout for a ‘Weapons & Vehicle Artist’ for help on a ‘next-gen Call of duty game.’

Furthermore, Sledgehammer says the successful applicant needs to oversee ‘the creation of game ready AAA vehicles, weapons and gear derived from concept drawings, and reference photos..”

Finally, it’s also on the lookout for a Multiplayer Designer role to ‘create cutting edge level designs for our Call of Duty project.’

Providing all this information is indeed accurate, then it seems Sledgehammer hasn’t hung up its rifle and boots just yet. Of course, a fourth entry in the Modern Warfare series has already been rumored for a while now, although many thought last year’s entry, CoD: Ghosts, would continue the story — which wasn’t the case at all.

However, given that the Modern Warfare brand is such a lucrative property, it is entirely conceivable that publisher Activision isn’t ready to retire the series just yet.

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