Slow motion and ‘Time Bender’ coming to PS4 SHAREfactory app

During PSX over the last weekend,Dec. 5-6, Senior Producer Stuart Platt of Sony Computer Entertainment released some juicy details via twitter about PS4’s SHAREFACTORY app.

If you’re not familiar with your SHAREfactory, you’re definitely missing out on something awesome and easy to use. On your PS4 controller, there is a “share” button instead of a start button, which allows you to instantly share your gaming experience with a couple button presses. At any point in your game, if you want to record it, you hit that share button twice and it will start capturing your adventure. You can then press share twice again to end the recording and it will take you to the program where you can edit your video and instantly upload it on YouTube or a USB drive to edit it on your computer if you prefer. You can even add commentary, text and splice videos together.

So, apparently an update coming soon will add a whole new level to your editing arsenal, such as slow motion and time/lapse, which is called “Time Bender”. Now, go forth and make awesome videos and Let’s Plays!

Here’s a video that goes into detail about the app:


Are you guys excited for even more features? What improvements would you like to see for SHAREfactory?