Sodium 2 – Project Velocity contest: name a livery and win race-enhancing goodies

When PlayStation Home first launched we always hoped that it would become host to some great multiplayer games, and with the launch of Sodium 2 – Project Velocity last week it looks like our prayers have finally been answered.

PS Home is currently buzzing with the all-new high-speed thrills of Sodium 2 – Project Velocity, Lockwood Publishing’s freemium arcade-style multiplayer racer, which offers head-to-head real time multiplayer racing in a bustling social space. One of the many ways in which you can pimp your ride, aside from tweaking and tuning it with the likes of rocket boosters and afterburners, is with a range of great-looking liveries that make you stand out on the track among your competitors. This is where you come in.

PlayStation Universe has teamed up with Lockwood Publishing to give you a chance to grab a slice of gaming history by naming one of the liveries in the game. The top entry will be chosen by the developer who will then make that livery available for all to download and use in game. That’s not all. We also have a bunch of redemption codes to giveaway, which will give you exclusive access to a range of great in-game items to improve your performance and make you the coolest looking rider and racer on the track.

Twelve lucky entrants, six with North American PSN accounts and six from Europe, will receive a code allowing them to download the following items:

– Velocity Racer Green – Sodium2 Racer Paint Scheme
– Apollo DX Engine
– Touchstone DX Rocket Booster Pair x320
– The full male Sodium 2 racer outfit or The full female Sodium2 racer outfit                                     


                               A pic of the male pack…but we also have female bundles available.

To get a chance at winning this prize and getting the opportunity to have your named livery appear in-game, check out the picture below of the Pink Leopard Skin Livery. All you need to do is get your thinking caps on and think of a name for the livery. You should then post your entry in response to this article, or via the PSU community forums.


Before you enter please check out our Terms & Conditions to ensure that your entry is not invalidated, and please let us know in your post whether you have a North American or European PSN account. We also have male and female racer outfits, so please also state the gender you would prefer. You can enter as many times as you like, but please post each individual name in a separate post.


Livery Name: “Furious Fuchsia”
PSN Account Location: North America or Europe
Preferred Gender: Male or Female

If you haven’t yet checked out Sodium 2: Project Velocity there’s never been a better time to head to the Sodium Universe on PS Home. You’ve got nothing to lose; it’s totally free and a lot of fun. Check out the trailer below.

To access the game, simply head to the PS Home main menu where you can search for Sodium 2 in the ‘Explore’ option. Don’t forget to save it as a favourite!

The closing date for all entries is midnight on July 8, 2011. All entries after that date will be considered void.

Terms & Conditions
Six submitted livery names from both North American and European territories will be picked by PSU staff from all eligible entries that arrive by midnight of the closing date July 8, 2011.  All selected entries will receive a redemption code, unlocking the items as stated in competition details above.

Entries containing profanities, brand names, people’s names, or anything that the staff at PSU and Lockwood Publishing deem to be inappropriate or offensive will be considered void.

If entrants do not state their PSN region and preferred gender of racer in their post, then they could forfeit their right to a code when the winners are announced.

PSU staff will choose their top 12 favourite names (six from each of the two regions) from all eligible entries. These entries will be sent to Lockwood Publishing who will then choose the overall winner.

The top entry, as chosen by Lockwood Publishing, will have the Pink Leopard Skin livery named and made available in the official Sodium 2: Project Velocity shop.

Readers can enter the competition as many times as they like, but should only make one entry per post.

The competition is not open to employees of PSU.com and Lockwood Publishing, or their affiliates, agencies, suppliers, sponsors and members employees’ immediate families.

In the event that the prize offered is unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater specification.

Lockwood Publishing reserves the right to not use any of the entries in-game if they deem them to be inappropriate. The winning entry will still receive a redemption code.

In event of any dispute the judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Submission of an entry will be taken to mean acceptance of these terms and conditions.