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Sony Developing a New Game Cartridge – Could this Herald the PlayStation Vita 2?

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Surfacing earlier today on ResetEra, a patent recently filed by Sony in Korea suggests it could be in the process of developing a new type of “electronic game cartridge”. Leading some to speculate that this could be the first indication Sony is actively working on a PlayStation Vita 2.


If this is Related to the PlayStation Vita 2, It’s Currently Light on Details

Although no other information was provided in the post, save a few diagrams of what the cartridge might look like, it’s certainly possible.

After all, despite the lack of support for the handheld in recent years, many people still love the now eight-year-old Vita. It being their go-to console for various indie titles and PlayStation classics; not to mention certain specific games they’re unable to or simply cannot play anywhere else. Persona IV and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, for example.

Sony's New Electronic Game Cartridge
The initial diagram of Sony’s new “Electronic Game Cartridge”

PS Vita Ending Game Production in 2019

There’s also the fact that Sony intends to cease PS Vita physical game production by the end of the current fiscal year and will no longer include PS Vita games in the monthly PS Plus line-up from 2019.

Two facts that, when taken together, suggest the beloved handheld is very much on its last legs. Leaving a gap in the market Sony will no doubt be keen to exploit; particularly following the initial and ongoing success of the Nintendo Switch.

I mean, we already know, thanks to comments by Sony’s John Kodera, the company hasn’t given up on the idea of a PlayStation handheld just yet.

Regardless, we sincerely hope the speculation turns out to be true and we find ourselves enjoying another (better supported) handheld in the near future.

Source: ResetEra

  • Al Buns

    No more hand helds. They are pointless. Put all of that money into making tons of games for PS5.

  • Adis Avandil Babaca

    Al Buns maybe for you not some people I like portable devices not every buddy has same taste of size screen I like portable game play specially when you travel vocation 2 3 4 weeks and you’re bored and wanna have some fun I think is a option take portable any where you want