Sony invites Microsoft to Blu-ray camp

In quite a surprising, and perhaps amusing, turn of events, Sony Pictures has invited Microsoft and Toshiba to join the Blu-ray Disc Association.

Don Eklund, executive vice president of advanced technologies was asked which companies they would most like to have in the Association, shortly after an announcement from Acer to include Blu-ray drives with their upcoming PCs.

"We would love to have Toshiba and Microsoft on board," he said. In response to Toshiba’s invite, Eklund states, "Tosh can’t keep dropping prices much more." He went on to say that even though a format war is won by respective strategies, companies have to look at a better and bigger picture.

"It maybe a strategy for fighting a format war, but for us it has to be profitable."

He went on to state against Bill Gates hotly supported idea for a downloadable only next generation strategy for his system in the works. Eklund responds, "People aren’t interested in downloading videos at the moment. The internet is a good way of delivering music but not video," said Eklund. He further states that Blu-ray’s longevity.

"Blu-ray has a good 8 to 10 years before the internet catches up."

Even though they were sent an invite—all good deals have many cards under the hat. If Microsoft and Toshiba choose to join Blu-ray, they will not only be alienating investors of HD DVD, but will have to pay an extremely hefty sum, even for Microsoft, separately to Sony.

Bill Gates already revealed that he does not favor high-definition and is a strong supporter of digital distribution. But it sure would be nice to see him take up Sony’s generous offer.

Source: Pocket-Lint