Sony: New PSP model to attract younger gamers

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) boss Jim Ryan reckons the firm’s new budget-priced PlayStation Portable will resonate with younger gamers.

Speaking to MCV, Ryan feels the omission of Wi-Fi and other features is a fair price to pay if it means getting the device on the market for a wallet-friendly €99/£89 and attracting a younger crowd.

"You will see the audience skew younger," he said. "At €99/£89 it will make a great Christmas gift. It’s a device to play UMD games. It’s all for the audience. If we are going to take PSP very young – teens and much younger – they are happy to just play the game. If taking Wi-Fi out is the price to pay, we’re happy to. The €99 price tag is a real barrier that we’ve got under which will help us lift off."

"PSone fans upgraded to PS2, and the first adopters of PS3 were PS2 owners. So the form factor might speak to that, but it happens regardless. PlayStation has an army of followers," added Ryan.

In addition to launching the new PSP model, Sony will also roll out an expanded range of PSP Essentials costing a mere £9.99 each.