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Sony Paid $229 Million To Acquire Insomniac Games In 2019

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When Sony acquired and folded Insomniac Games into its first-party studio array, few people in the public sphere had an idea of just how much the platform holder paid to close the deal. Thanks to a filing by Securities and Exchange Commision, we now know exactly how much Sony paid for Insomniac; and they didn’t come to cheap.

Bought for a substantial $229 million, the acquisition of Insominiac Games might seem overly costly to some, but for Sony and for PS4 games everywhere, it has been money seemingly well spent.

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In addition to laying claim to the best-selling first-party exclusive (and superhero game) ever in its Marvel’s Spider-Man release to the Ratchet and Clank remake, Insomniac Games has certainly been a key player in the seemingly endlessly growing success of the PS4.

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Insomniac’s Spider-Man didn’t just do well critically, it absolutely killed it commercially too. Clocking in at well over 13 million units sold by the end of October last year – making it the highest selling first-party title ever for Sony.

Though the $229 million figure seems high, it doesn’t quite rank alongside some of the biggest moneyhat moves that other publishers and platform holders have pulled in previous years. EA for example paid roughly $400 million in 2017 to absorb Titanfall and Jedi Fallen Order developer Respawn Entertainment into its ranks, while Microsoft forked out a cool $375 million to buy former Nintendo 64 darlings Rare back in 2002.

Clearly though, Sony sees Insomniac Games as a major player for the next console generation and is hoping that the developer can capture lightning in the bottle again for PS5 in the same way it was able to with PS4. With at least one major project in the pipeline for PS5 (which is almost certainly set to be a Spider-Man sequel), it would seem to be on track to do just that.

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What do you guys think? Did Sony grab a bargain with Insomanic Games? We think that Insomniac Games have paid for themselves already, but do let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

Source: SecGov