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Sony Patent Reveals New VR Glove Featuring ‘Haptic Device’

Hot on the heels of Sony’s partnership with Immersion Corp., the format holder has patented a new VR glove offering yet more evidence that the company is looking to evolve technology ahead of the expected release of the PS5 next year. This latest patent specifically mentions haptic feedback, which is the same tech that Immersion Corp. is licensing to Sony for use in ‘VR and game controllers.’

Sony Patents New VR Glove, Is This An Early Hint At PSVR 2?

The patent description for the VR glove is as follows:

“A system and method of using a peripheral device for interfacing with a virtual reality scene generated by a computer for presentation on a head mounted display. The peripheral device includes a haptic device capable of being placed in contact with a user and a haptic feedback controller for processing instructions for outputting a haptic signal to the haptic device. The haptic feedback controller receiving the instructions from the computer so that haptic feedback of the haptic device changes to correspond to a user’s virtual interactions with a virtual object in the virtual reality scene as presented on the head mounted display.”

Sony has already confirmed that the PS5 will be compatible with the PSVR, although at this stage it is unknown if this will be the regular model or something completely new. However, all evidence suggests that the console maker is beavering away on some exciting new tech.

Back in March, it was discovered that Sony had filed a patent for a wireless VR headset, further suggesting that an evolution of PSVR is in the pipeline. As is stands, wires are a bit of a thorn in the side for PSVR users, so a wireless version would definitely make things a lot easier for players.

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Source: Jackofallcontrollers