Sony: PS3 graphics starting to create "some distance"

In an interview with, Scott Steinberg, Vice President of Product Marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America, has said that the PlayStation 3 is starting to pull ahead of rival platforms from a graphical standpoint, suggesting that its competitor’s efforts will eventually start to feel “quite dated” by comparison.

"I think that we’re seeing, graphically, PS3 games starting to create some distance and some of the other competitors are going to feel that they’re getting long in the tooth, looking quite dated, because they haven’t created that ten-year vision from a horsepower standpoint," said Steinberg.

Steinberg added that Sony’s goal is to convert existing PS2 owners to the PlayStation 3, which will eventually lead to the platform coming out on top in overall consoles sales.

"We’re looking to convert the PS2 owners and the tens of millions of installed base that were playing DVDs and playing games on their PS2, to now play Blu-ray movies and Blu-ray games with their PS3," he said. "I think the reality is that we will win hands-down if we convert the PS2 owners to PS3."

With the PS3 selling over 1.481 million consoles (according to NPD sales data) so far this year in the US and beating the Xbox 360 in 08 sales by over 200,000 units, Steinberg’s predictions may have already started to materialise. However, it remains to be seen how the company plans to dislodge the Wii’s massive lead this generation.