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Sony Trademarks Astro Bot In Europe, Could Be An Indication Of A New Game To Come

Spotted by Gematsu, a trademark for Astro Bot was filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Europe on August 25, 2023, which could be an indication that a new Astro Bot game is incoming.

That there would be a new game isn’t a total surprise, after the success of the first Astro Bot on the PSVR, and then how highly PS5 owners praised the pre-downloaded Astro Bot game that came with the new console.

It was actually surprising not to see any Astro Bot game when the PSVR2 launched. If this trademark is an indication of a new game, then VR fans would be hopeful for it to be a new PSVR2 game.

Astro Bot is quickly becoming a new mascot character for PlayStation, so it would feel odd to not see another game with Astro Bot as the star, especially as we currently don’t know for certain what Team Asobi, the developers behind everything Astro Bot, is working on.

It should be said though that this trademark filing could always be Sony just keeping their house in order as it were, but hopefully

Source – [Gematsu]