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Sony’s Latest Patent Points To A DualSense Controller That Can Charge A Pair Of Wireless Earbuds

As is the case with plenty of tech company’s, not every patent materializes into something that ends up on shelves, and Sony is no exception.

Some of those patents however do come to fruition, and it’s latest patent is one that very well could considering PlayStation’s focus on new accessories.

A new patent filing from Sony shows a new PS5 controller – so a new kind of DualSense – with two slots built into the controller to charge a pair of wireless earbuds.

It’s unlikely this would be just any wireless earbuds, but instead the new Pulse Explore wireless earbuds made specifically for the PS5 that were announced alongside the PlayStation Portal.

PlayStation has always done well with its accessories, and PS5 accessories continue that reputation. Having a controller like this that further ties two separate accessories together seems like a potentially innovative handset.

Of course there is a question of what this would do to the DualSense’s battery life, though it could be the case that the earbuds don’t charge in their slot unless the controller itself is plugged in and charging.

If that’s the case, and you’re always charging the two devices together, that already makes it easier for players to always be prepared to jump into a game without needing to worry about all their necessary devices being charged and ready to go.

It’ll be interesting to see how Sony pulls off this controller, if it ever does make it to market.

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