Sony’s Mark Cerny shocked at how quick people are to write off consoles

Speaking at the Develop conference in Brighton last week, PlayStation 4 Lead Architect, Mark Cerny, expressed his surprise at how soon folk are beginning to question whether or not we’ll see another console generation after this one.

Speaking to IGN, Cerny observed how quick people are to shift their opinions about the state of the console market.

"What’s amazing to me is how quickly this has changed, right?" he said. "You go back two years ago, consoles are dead and Sony’s a dinosaur to be releasing one, if you talk to certain analysts.

"You go back one year and ‘Wow, it’s so exciting to have a new console!’ But now you’re going, ‘but they’re dead’ again. So…"

Sony recently admitted that the reason it announced PS4 in early 2013 is because it want to deliver a next-gen-sized fist knockout to rival Microsoft, who waited until May last year to unveil Xbox One.

According to a report in EDGE magazine, PS4 has now sold nine million units worldwide.