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Sony’s PlayStation Has 70% Of The Global Console Market Share, Compared To Xbox’s 30%, Claims Microsoft

In its continued effort to seem like he underdog in the gaming industry, Microsoft claimed to the EU and a panel of national antitrust officials today that globally, Sony’s PlayStation represents 70% of the console market share, compared to the Xbox’s 30%.

For Europe, Microsoft claims that the difference is 80/20 in favour of Sony. In Japan, 96/4 in favour of Sony.

Of course, its important to note that these numbers seem to represent a world where Nintendo has 0% of the console market share, or simply that Microsoft didn’t include Nintendo’s share to greater show a contrast between it and Sony.

“These numbers have been remarkably steady for two decades. Even last year, when there were issues with Sony’s supply chain, they came back strong.” said Microsoft’s Brad Smith.

“Regulators is not here to protect super dominant companies. Believe me, I know.” added Smith.

On top of presenting these numbers to the EU, Microsoft also announced the closure of deals with both NVIDIA and Nintendo to bring its games, including Call Of Duty, to the Nintendo Switch and GeForce Now, should the deal go through.

These deals are meant to signify just how willing Microsoft is to make its titles available to all players, and not hold all this new IP it would get in the Activision Blizzard acquisition under Xbox exclusivity.

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