Sorry to backpedal: Only one PSN account per Vita (seriously, this time)

Remember when we told you that you’d have to reformat your PlayStation Vita in order to switch users? Then, do you remember when we corrected ourselves by saying that the Vita will support multiple PSN account via different memory cards.

Well, guess what? We take it back. Sony (re)confirms that if you want to switch users on your Vita, you’ll have to perform a full factory reset—deleting everything down to your save data.

“The PSN account is tied to the hardware and the memory card, not just the card,” a Sony rep said to Wired, “which means that if a second person is using your Vita, it’s not just a case of switching out memory cards, it’s clearing out all of your saved data on the Vita itself when you do the factory reset.”

“In other words, PlayStation Vita is intended to be played by only one user.”

Well there you have it, you have the final word. That is, until Sony decides to backpedal again, and confirms that the Vita supports multiple user accounts out of the box.