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Spider-Man PS4 Skill Tree: What Skills Does Spidey Have?

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In your Spider-Man PS4 adventure, you earn skill points by swinging around the city, defeating enemies and completing objectives. These range from solving circuit boards and spectographs to capturing pigeons flying around New York City.

As you rise through the levels, you’ll earn skill points which can be spend in the Spider-Man PS4 skill tree. These fit into three cateogories: Innovator, Defender and Webslinger. Let’s take a look at all of Spider-Man’s skills and the various trees.

spider-man ps4 skill tree

Spider-Man PS4 Innovator Skill Tree

Web Throw – Throw webbed and electrified enemies. They be tossed into other enemies and walls

Hazard Zone – Web throw knocks enemies down during the wind up, clearing the immediate area.

Extended Perch Takedown – Increases perch takedown range

Pistol and Baton Yank – Yank small arms like pistols and batons out of enemies’ hands

Spin Cycle – When throwing an enemy you can press triangle to spin them rapidly.

Scare Tactics – Stealth takedowns generate more focus.

Rifle, Shield and Launcher Yank – Yank heavy arms like rifles, launchers and shields away from enemies.

Wrecking Ball – Brute enemies can be grabbed and thrown when webbed, affecting enemies over a wide area.

Surprise Attack – Upgrades web strike takedown move so that nearby enemies are knocked back.

Yank and Throw – Hurl Yanked weapons back at enemies with concussive force.

Collateral Damage – Thrown objects damage nearby enemies.

Rocket Return – Throw rockets back at enemies.

Spider-Man PS4 Defender Skill Tree

Perfect Dodge – When your Spider Sense turns blue, counter enemies with a web shot to the face. Generates bonus focus.

Perfect Hit – Generate bonus focus by pressing square as an attack lands.

Dodge Window – Increase timing window for the Perfect Dodge and Web Shot Counter, making it easier to accomplish.

Throw – Throw an enemy in any direction.

Combo Booster – Improves focus gained from high combo counts.

Last Stand – Slows time just before you take a fatal hit, give you a chance to dodge.

Ground Strike – After leaping off an enemy or in air combat, smash the ground with explosive force.

Vengeance – When below half health, attacks generate focus faster.

Payback – Press triangle after a Perfect Dodging a rifle or pistol for an instant takedown.

Epicenter – Ground strike has larger blast radius.

Chain Finisher – Immediately perform a second finisher on basic enemies.

Spider-Man PS4 Webslinger Skill Tree

Swing Kick – Swing kick enemies while in the air.

Quick Zip – Web zip a second time without losing altitude.

Air Marshal – Air attacks deal additional damage and generate more focus.

Air Tricks – Perform aerial tricks to earn focus and XP.

Point Launch Boost – Press X on contact with point to massively boost Point Launch distance.

Air Yank – Yank enemies upwards and enable aerial combat moves.

Quick Recovery – Press X during a roll after landing to launch back into the air.

Long Strike – Increase damage and range of web strike

Bunker Buster – Swing Kick will now knock over shield enemies.

Charge Jump – Hold R2 an X while running or standing to build up charge, then release X for a huge leap.

Blast Off – Air launch attacks knock back nearby enemies. Short recharge time.

There’s no set way to go about building up your Spider-Man PS4 Skill Tree. It all depends on your preference. We opted for a balance between all three.