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Spyro Reignited Trilogy Surpasses 10 Million Copies Sold Ahead Of Franchise’s 25th Anniversary

Developer Toys For Bob did an excellent job remaking the classic Spyro games in the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, which the studio was proud to announce has officially sold through more than 10 million copies globally.

This also comes just days ahead of the franchise celebrating its 25th anniversary on September 9, 2023. When Toys For Bob remade the first three Crash games in 2017, and then did the same with Spyro the year after.

Two things then happened. Crash would then get another four games, one of them being a brand new mainline series entry, and Spyro would not get the same kind of love.

Hopefully these sales are a sign to Activision that players would love to have a brand new Spyro title, something that could potentially be made possible if Microsoft makes good on its promises to bring back old IP, and hold off on every studio under the Activision-sun working on Call Of Duty.

Source – [Toys For Bob via Gematsu]