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Square Enix Staff Keep Asking About A Final Fantasy 6 Remake, But Yoshinori Kitase Can’t Think About That Until Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Complete

Final Fantasy VII is arguably the most beloved title in the franchises long history, so when Square Enix announced it would be embarking on a journey to remake it, fans were understandably over the moon.

Now we’ve seen the first of a three part remake successfully come to fruition, with boatloads of excitement around the upcoming launch of part two, Rebirth.

Staff at Square Enix though are looking to which of the other older titles to tackle next, and according to the head of the Final Fantasy brand, Yoshinori Kitase, his colleagues keep asking him about a Final Fantasy VI Remake.

But he says that he can’t think about it until they’re through with Final Fantasy VII Remake. During a roundtable discussion as part of celebrating the franchises 35th anniversary, Kitase spoke to the possibility of remaking six.

“Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not yet finished, so I am not able to think about it. But there are many Final Fantasy 6 fans inside the company, and they often ask me ‘when are we making 6?’.”

The franchise’s creator Hironobu Sakaguchi also stepped in to talk about how a remake of six would be a more difficult task, as the team would have to be re-imagining the original 2D pixel-based game into a modern 3D experience.

As Kitase points out, Square Enix is not yet finished with remaking Final Fantasy VII, so it doesn’t seem likely we’ll begin to hear about remakes for other Final Fantasy titles until we’re closer to the team being through with VII.

Once the third and final chapter of VII’s remake is incoming, then we should look to expect hearing about the next big remake project. That doesn’t mean we haven’t had any rumours about what’s next, though.

Currently, the big rumour is that a remake of Final Fantasy IX is on deck.

Source – [VGC]