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Stellar Blade Sits Atop US Sales Charts For April 2024, With Helldivers 2, Sea Of Thieves And Fallout 4 All Making The Top 5

The latest sales numbers from Circana executive director and analyst Mat Piscatella are here, revealing that Stellar Blade was the best-selling game on US sales charts for April 2024.

Following behind it was Helldivers 2 which continues to sell well despite all the ire from players regarding the account-linking controversy. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III holds the number 3 spot, and it’s Rare’s debut PlayStation title, Sea Of Thieves coming in fourth.

Fallout 4 then rounds up the top 5, having had a huge boost in sales thanks to the success of Amazon Prime tv series.

Despite Helldivers 2 falling to the number 2 spot for last month’s sales, Piscatella reports that it maintains its place as the best-selling premium game for 2024 in the US, ahead of Modern Warfare III and Dragon’s Dogma II.

MLB The Show 24 was also able to move up in the best-selling game for 2024 in the US ranks, as it now stands behind Dragon’s Dogma II in the number 4 spot.

Thanks to its launch on PS5, Sea Of Thieves not only reached the 4th spot for best selling games in the US for April, it jumped from number 42 on the US sales charts for best selling game for 2024 all the way to number 18.

Impressive as these charts are for Stellar Blade and the rest, Piscatella does also point out that the games sales lead was “the lowest sales to lead an April since Prototype 2 ranked 1st in April 2012.”

Which is more of an observation on how much people spend on games these days than it is an observation on Stellar Blade’s success.

Source – [Circana]