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Street Fighter 5 is ‘looking good,’ will likely be at E3 2015

Street Fighter head honcho Yoshinori Ono has indicated that the hotly anticipated fifth instalment in the venerable fighting series will be shown at E3 next month.

Writing on Twitter, Ono-san commented, “Currently, we’re doing our best to work on SFV! We’re making preparation for E3 in next month! ;D."

He also shared a little on how the game is shaping up, adding: “I could play SFV at CAPCOM USA, Its so looking good!! and love it! Hahaha praise yourself! ;P I can’t wait for E3! ;D."

Street Fighter 5 is a console exclusive to PS4 and will also arrive on PC. Capcom said it expects the game to sell around two million copies worldwide, with a release date expected in spring 2016. The game was formally announced at the PlayStation Experience in December 2014.

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