Street Fighter V has sold 1.4 million but fails to hit Capcom’s initial target

Capcom has announced during its latest financial results that Street Fighter V has sold 1.4 million copies worldwide on PlayStation 4 and PC.

The figure is notably 600,000 fewer units than what the Japanese publishing giant had previously forecast. Despite this, Capcom noted that the game remained a “perennial favorite” during its first month, and “maintained steady sales mainly overseas.

Street Fighter V remains the eighth most popular entry in the venerable fighting game franchise, surpassing life-to-date sales of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Marvel vs Capcom 3. 

The game got off to a solid start in the U.K. back in February, although sales quickly tapered off and it found itself out of the Top 40 after just over a month on shelves. Street Fighter IV is also reported to have sold more during its opening week than the sequel. 

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