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Superhot JP Coming To PS4 and PC

Superhot JP moves the slow-mo action to Japan

A standalone kind-of-sequel/kind-of-DLC-expansion to uber stylish first-person shooter Superhot has been announced over on Japanese developer GameTomo's official website.

The working title is Superhot JP which, as the initials at the end there might suggest, transfers the game's unique blend of rhythmic slow-motion combat and precision gunplay to a series of gorgeous locales inspired by contemporary Japanese culture: “Battle the red guys in a variety of new Japan-inspired environments, from hot springs to samurai castles, from seedy Tokyo alleyways to karaoke bars and bullet trains”.

Superhot JP comes to PS4 and PC

Superhot JP features new weapons and Japan-flavoured environments

Naturally, details are thin on the ground at this stage. However, what we do know is that Superhot JP will be coming exclusively to Japan on PS4 and PC at some indeterminant point in the future as a reasonably priced, standalone release; with overseas versions a distinct possibility further down the line.

We also know GameTomo isn't planning to offer VR support, for now. But, with “about 15-18 regular levels and 3-4 endless levels, a few new weapons (including a bow and arrow), the same game modes as the original Superhot… see-through shoji screens, and some other surprises”, players can expect plenty of bang for their buck when the game eventually launches.

Superhot - one of PSU's top-rated PS4 indie games - is a mere £19.99 on the PlayStation Store at time of writing, and is well worth picking up if you've got some time (or vaguely defined, crystalline, crimson grunts) to kill this summer.