Tales of Xillia 2 confirmed for North America in 2014

Tales series producer Hideo Baba has confirmed that Tales of Xillia 2, the sequel to next month’s JRPG release, will come to North America in 2014.

Over the weekend, we reported that Tales of Xillia 2, which has been out in Japan since November 2012, had been confirmed for European release. At that time, a North American release wasn’t assured, but rest easy, U.S. gamers–Baba "would like to thank you all for being such loyal fans of the series and for helping spread the word for the series to other gamers across the Internet."

On the official PlayStation Blog, Baba also iterated that Tales of Xillia 2’s main theme is "choice," and that players will be able to make a variety of narrative and gameplay choices as Ludger, the main protagonist. Real-time weapon swapping in battle will put a sledgehammer, dual pistols, or dual blades in your hands, while character-linking returns from Tales of Xillia to open powerful support attacks and linked artes.

For more on Tales of Xillia 2, keep it here at Stay tuned for our review of Tales of Xillia closer to its August 6 release.

Kyle Prahl is a PSU Managing Editor and JRPG fan who has played half of Gamecube’s Tales of Symphonia. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook