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Tekken 2 Briefly Listed At $9,999 On PS Store, Series Boss Commends Sony On ‘Marvelous Price’

Tekken series boss Katsuhiro Harada has humorously commended Sony for its $9,999.00 price tag for Tekken 2 on the PlayStation Store.

The classic PSOne fighting game sequel was briefly tagged at just under $10,000 by Sony following its release as part of the lineup of PS Plus Premium games.

“WHAT A MARVELOUS PRICE SONY,” Harada-san tweeted.

Tekken 2 isn’t available to purchase directly from the PS Store currently unlike some PSOne games, so you can only grab it as part of your PS Plus subscription. Usually, PSOne games will set you back about $5-$10 depending on the title.

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Originally released in arcades in 1995, Tekken 7 was made available for the PSOne back in 1996, where it added new content such as unlockable character endings and additional game modes.

The newly-revamped PS Plus is now available in the US, and it has been confirmed that the PSOne games over there will run at the superior 60Hz.

[Source – VGC]