Tekken 7 ‘Rage Attack System’ exposed in hard-hitting trailer

A new trailer from Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7: Fated Retribution gives us our first close-up look at the games new ‘Rage Attack’ system.

Rage Attacks vary from one character to the next and are signalled by a blue aura around the player, allowing them to unleash a single or series of consecutive powerful attacks on opponents.

In the new Tekken 7 trailer we get a glimpse of many of the game’s characters executing their rage attacks with some style, including Bryan Fury, Heihachi Mishima and Lucky Chloe.


Last week, we also got a glimpse at gameplay footage featuring Nina Williams and Street Fighter’s Akuma.

The latest batch of Tekken 7 screenshots shows how Bandai Namco has improved on the design of the character models from the series’ last outing on PS4.

Tekken 7 launches later this year exclusively on PS4 and will be supported fully by PlayStation VR.

Source: Gematsu