Tekken x Street Fighter at ‘zero percent complete,’ says Harada

Crossover brawler Tekken x Street Fighter currently stands at “zero percent” complete, according to Tekken overlord Katsuhiro Harada.

“Currently, the development of Tekken x Street Fighter is at zero percent. It’s developing about five percent in my head,” he told GeekIn at an event in Paris recently.

The comments shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that Harada-san previously commented that the game has yet to enter production. However, he did add that work on the beat ‘em up will begin as soon as development on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is done and dusted.

“I was really busy and also SF x Tekken and the Tekken x SF were not originally in the line-up. We were also working on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at that time, so we haven’t got on the development of Tekken x Street Fighter. But Tag 2 is nearly finished, so when I get back from Paris, I plan to start working on that game,” said Harada.

Elsewhere, he said that Namco is seeking feedback from fans via Twitter in regards to what characters they’d like to see included in the game.

“At the moment, through Twitter, we’re asking people to send us suggestions on what characters to include in the new game. I especially want Street Fighter players to let us know which characters they want to see in the series," he said.

Tekken x Street Fighter has, rather obviously, yet to attract a release date, though Capcom’s crossover effort Street Fighter x Tekken will hit stores in early 2012.