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TemTem Enters Early Access On PS5 Next Week, Gameplay Overview Trailer Shows You Just What You Can Do In Its World


Pokemon-like adventure TemTem officially enters Early Access on PS5 next week and a brand new gameplay overview trailer has been released, detailing just how your journey will start and what you can get up to.

Crema‘s new trailer for the game starts off by highlighting your initial choice of TemTem early on and the fact that you can play the game alone or with friends. It also highlights some of the moves you can use as these 3 TemTem.

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TemTem shakes up the formula by making battles 2 v 2 and allowing synergy between your TemTem to buff each other and manage stamina. We also get a look at breeding TemTem. The game is comprised of islands with unique feels and shops for you to explore and discover, taking down Dogo masters along the way.

You can watch the TemTem PS5 overview trailer below:

A full TemTem release is scheduled for PS5 in 2021 and this exclusive early access period was announced back in September.

TemTem enters Early Access for PS5 on December 8, 2020.