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Temtem Update 2.000.003 Adds Improvements, Balance Changes & PS5 Bug Fixes

Crema has blown the lid open on the Temtem update 2.000.003 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which comes with a host of fixes including PS5-specific changes, as well as general improvements and balance changes.

Have a butchers at the latest Temtem PS5 patch notes below.

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  • We’re carrying out a set of improvements to Tamer Pass experience gain:
    • Battles against NPC Tamers will now give Tamer Pass experience. This experience has been added to all of your passes retroactively.
      • While Weekly Challenges and endgame activities, unlocked after completing the story campaign, will still be the easiest and main form of progressing through the Tamer Pass, it was a mistake to leave people progressing through the campaign out of it.
      • With this change, completing the campaign and all side quests will give you ~15 Tamer Pass levels.
      • This new way of gaining experience will stop being granted at Tamer Pass level 20 and higher, in order to prevent (or avoid forcing) players to keep resetting their accounts constantly to farm this XP.
    • All forms of gaining Tamer Pass experience now give 70% more experience, including Weekly Challenges. This experience has been added to all of your passes retroactively, too.
      • While some of the most dedicated players have already reached level 60 on the Pass, we wanted to improve the general feeling of progression on the Tamer Pass for the regular or more casual user.
      • Our goal is that completing the Tamer Pass feels rewarding and is something achievable for the majority of users by dedicating some hours during the week.
      • We’ll still be keeping an eye out for progression to see if there are any further changes needed. We’re also going to do some backend work so it’s easier in the future to change these values on the fly, without the need for a new patch.
  • We’ve fixed an issue on the recently added new Tempedia icons that offer information on OT and caught Tems, regular and Luma.
    • Some of you might’ve noticed the icons weren’t always accurate or consistent with what you had tamed in the past. It was missing pre-evolutions, or anything that wasn’t in the box at the time of the update. We’ve fixed all these and you should now see everything you’ve Tamed since the launch of Arbury, which is when we started keeping track of this data.


  • Telomere Trait Swaps can now be sold for Feathers: Telomere Hack – Trait Swap for 30 Feathers, and Telomere Hotfix – Trait Swap for 100 Feathers.
  • Evershifting Tower now gives 50% more Feathers.
    • After reviewing our analytics, the Feathers one could obtain by playing the Evershifting Tower were low compared to the amount of time invested. Although we believe the Evershifting Tower has a very steep learning curve, and that better and better runs will be achieved in the future, Feather reward was still far from where we wanted it to be, so we’ve boosted it.
    • The GritArena will receive a similar increase in Feathers in the next patch.
  • TemSafari now gives less Feathers. Since this is a formula and not a fixed number, we can’t give you an exact percentage.
    • Opposingly to the Evershifting Tower, analytics showed that the Feather gain was high for the time investment, and it was over the rest of activities and far from where we wanted it to be.


Fixes in this patch vary heavily between platforms. Some of these fixes were already applied to certain platforms on version 1.0. We will eventually equalize all fixes across all platforms, but this could take a couple more patches, so for the time being please pay attention to the platform indicator above the fixes.

All platforms:

  • Fixed a hardlock when interacting with an invisible NPC at the Evershifting Tower.
  • Fixed not being able to progress on the quest Rebuilding Bridges. Please note: if you have already started the Naolin quest for Tamer’s Paradise you won’t be able to complete Rebuilding Bridges. This will be fixed in the next patch.
  • Fixed getting softlocked in the Archtamers’ cinematic while being in a Co-op Party where one of the players had completed the Archtamers Challenge and the other one hadn’t.
  • Fixed getting stuck after fighting two NPCs at the Xolot Reservoir.
  • Fixed Tamer’s Paradise Tokens quantity not updating client-wise after doing an activity.
  • Fixed a delivery quest that could not be completed (Exhausted Refugee in Tucma).
  • Fixed not being able to deliver the Postal Delivery to Local Scholar in Zadar.
  • Fixed being able to put the Early Access Crystal Skates’ furniture in the Vault client-wise and not being able to use the Vault after that.
  • Fixed a initial Evershifting Tower room that had no exit door.
  • Fixed not being able to properly scroll in the bag after opening an items folder.
  • Fixed the speed arrow was not being shown on the battle log while fighting NPCs.
  • Fixed Temtem in the TemDeck being put in the wrong position if a Tamer was moving them between boxes when a ranked match started.
  • Fixed that all gender pronouns were being displayed at once in the description of the Twitch Drops items.
  • Fixed showing a transformed Mimit in the middle of the battle zone if a ranked match started in the exact moment a Tamer was in a wild encounter and their Mimit was in the middle of a transformation.
  • Fixed rainbow and bitonal dyes not showing correctly when applied on the last dye spot of a cosmetic set.
  • Fixed emote images not loading correctly if the player opened and closed the emote wheel fast.
  • Fixed text “Arbury The Alma Matter” in the Pansun.
  • Fixed Temcard seals’ preview background. It now shows a competitive battlezone.
  • Fixed Battle Intro animation preview reproducing twice when entering the Customization/Competitive menu.
  • Fixed Drums emote previewing without animation.
  • Fixed the cosmetics preview getting darker after previewing some mounts.
  • Fixed the Spanish gender pronouns not applying properly when initiating dialog with Yiota at the Prasine Coast.
  • Fixed gears not appearing translated in Spanish.
  • Fixed descriptions of dyes at the Trade House.

Switch, PS5, Xbox:

  • Fixed the gamepad vibration when passing through a jump or from ground to water (and vice versa) while using a flying mount.
  • Fixed the collision of a pickable item remains even after picking it up at the Properton Sewers.

PS5, Xbox:

  • Fixed remaining inside the Dojo Park after reaching 0 encounters.
  • Fixed the possibility of skipping NPC battles in the Evershifting Tower by disconnecting and reconnecting when the NPC engages the player.
  • Fixed players being able to change SVs, TVs and Techs of the Temtem included in a locked Battlebox during a Tournament/Dojo War.
  • Fixed that stickers could be stored in vault.
  • Fixed bag items remaining highlighted after being selected but not used.
  • Fixed the Temessence Phial remaining highlighted in the bag when selecting it and quickly moving the cursor to other item.
  • Fixed selecting the Temessence Phial in the bag with keyboard or gamepad makes the focus go to the first item on the list for a few frames.
  • Fixed the layout of the Premium Store in French when not having sufficient funds to buy an item
  • Fixed an error when trying to open the bag at the first encounter with Max.
  • Fixed an error when using an item from the bag twice on a Temtem of the squad.
  • Fixed losing focus after selling an item at the store.
  • Fixed the scroll when changing between different sections of the Housing inventory menu.
  • Fixed Stowaway running instead of walking in some cutscenes in Arbury. He ran so the player could walk.
  • Fixed previews of housing items while at the Edit House menu.
  • Fixed that previews of some titles show the three gender pronouns instead of just the one corresponding to the player’s choice.
  • Fixed flying mounts leaving ripples when moving above water.
  • Fixed the VFX of the top TMR Tamer holograms in Tamer’s Paradise.
  • Fixed the VFX particles of some mounts.
  • Fixed Umishi’s and Ukama’s 3d models suddenly getting plump in the Gear/Seal equip menu.
  • Fixed player’s bag physics when dismounting from a mount that hid the bag.
  • Fixed some holes in scenery around various places in game.
  • Fixed popping of some scenery in the water reflections at Briçal del Mar.
  • Fixed a missing collision at the Temporium of Lochburg.
  • Fixed the default text when activating and deactivating items from the bag.


  • Fixed a black screen and posterior lock that could happen during the evolution scene.
  • Fixed a black screen that could happen while doing a radar on Switch.


  • Fixed a shadow not being displayed correctly at the second floor of the Accademia.


  • Fixed not getting Shuine’s Idol while doing the Free Matthew quest.
  • Fixed radar chain breaking if one played TemSafari and Evershifting Tower activities.
  • Fixed being able to gain tamer pass experience beyond level 60.
  • Fixed Premium Store prices appearing as zero when the player receives a Lair bonus store discount.
  • Fixed gender pronouns not being applied when talking with the Evershifting Tower minder NPC at Tamer’s Paradise.
  • Fixed that the Data Processing message is always being shown after the initial loading.
  • Fixed that a Temtem with a DNA Strand equipped could be traded without unequipping it.
  • Fixed wrong main quest markers while doing the Omninesia portion of the main quest.
  • Fixed spectating ranked matches was counting towards the completion of the “Defeat enemy Temtem in ranked” Weekly Challenge.
  • Fixed that players could receive trade requests from other players while doing the Evershifting Tower activity.
  • Fixed the Trade House’s advanced filter not working properly if the dropdown was open when the player open the Trade House UI.
  • Fixed captured Mimit maintaining its transformation into the next battle in the Evershifting Tower.
  • Fixed One-Eyed Matthew’s battle intro at Nanga always being displayed in English even if other language is selected.


  • Tamer ID and Temtem version have been hidden from the screen, including battles. You can still see it on your Tamer card, accessible from the character section in the menu.