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Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown Gameplay Revealed, Delay Into 2024 Confirmed

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown publisher Nacon hosted a TDU Connect livestream all focused on Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, showcasing the first gameplay we’ve ever seen of the game, and confirming a previously reported delay of the game’s release into 2024.

When we heard about Solar Crown’s first delay, Nacon and developer KT Racing Studio announced the news with a blog post, while the most recent delay wasn’t confirmed by either party until Wednesday’s livestream.

Instead it was first spotted in Nacon’s most recent financial report, though now we have confirmation that the next mainline entry in the Test Drive Unlimited franchise won’t arrive until sometime next year.

If it does arrive in 2024 and isn’t further delayed, it’ll be four years between when the game was announced to released.

What’s more exciting about Wednesday’s livestream though is that we got to see a chunk of gameplay from Solar Crown, as members of the KT Racing Studio development team and some racing-sim content creators simply sat down and played it, racing against each other on an alpha version of the game.

Players who’ve been keen to try Solar Crown for themselves will have a chance to do so during a three-day closed beta beginning on July 24, 2023, which you can register to potentially be included in now.

Even though what’s being shown in the livestream is only an alpha, it still already looks impressive, both on and off the track, as we got to see some gameplay of taking your racer off the track and into a more social environment.

You can check out the gameplay and the livestream for yourself, here.

Source – [Nacon]