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Tetris Effect Is Getting A Physical Release On PS4

The folks at Limited Run Games have announced a physical release of the brilliant Tetris Effect on PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. If you still haven’t picked up the game, and you have room on your shelf, then you should probably look at snapping this up.

There’s two different version to pick from, namely a Standard and Collector’s Edition. The latter is packaged in a Tetrimino box featuring a copy of the game, 35 postcards inspired by Journey Mode, three pins, and a CD of the complete 50-song soundtrack, which features 40 tunes from Tetris Effect and 10 new tracks from the Connected.

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Tetris Effect will retail for $39.99 for the standard edition while both versions of the game will be available for preorder on June 17, 2022.

Tetris Effect was originally released for PS4 back in November 2018, and was re-released for PS4 & PSVR in July last year as Tetris Effect Connected, which included all content seen in the Xbox One version of the game.

Its creator, Tetsusya Mizuguchi, recently said that he’d like to make a game for PSVR 2, although at this point we don’t know if he’s actively working on a project for the new headset.