The Crew has hit 5 million players in 16 months

Ubisoft has announced that Ivory Tower’s PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One racer, The Crew, has passed the five million player milestone 16 months after the game hit stores. 

Writing in a post on the game’s official blog, the publisher commented, "On December 2nd 2014 we embarked on a new journey, and 16 months later 5 million players have joined us!

"Our vision for the game has always been to create a long-lasting adventure, and today we’d like to celebrate this amazing milestone with the community!"

Exact sales figures were not divulged, however.

In celebration of the milestone, Ubisoft is rewarding players with 50,000 Crew Credits for those who log into the game on May 28. This applies to all versions of the game. 

The Crew is an open and persistent world for racing across the United States. It takes 90 minutes to drive from coast to coast in-game. The single-player campaign is 20 hours long, and entails infiltrating criminal groups. Missions can be played alone, with friends, or with online co-op. 

Originally released in December 2014 following a series of delays, The Crew has received extensive support since release, including the expansion Wild Run, a Photo Mode, and various technical and visual updates. Be sure to read our The Crew review to find out how it shapes up.