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The Division 2 1.03 Update Patch Notes Detail a Number of Last-Minute Changes

The Division 2 1.03 Update

Patch notes for The Division 2 1.03 update have been released on the Ubisoft forums, detailing a number of last-minute changes ahead of the game’s official launch tomorrow.

Those who purchased Gold or Ultimate editions of the game and have thus been enjoying a period of early access, however, should note that today’s patch (which is completely separate from the humungous 90GB day-one patch announced earlier this week) will result in a few hours’ downtime.

The Division 2 1.03 Update – Weapon and Mission Changes

As you might expect, given the size of the aforementioned day-one patch, update 1.03 isn’t particularly large. And instead focuses primarily on clearing up a few lingering issues relating to certain weapons and missions.

You’ll find them listed in bullet form below.


  • We removed a work in progress weapon that was not properly named and balanced
  • Crossbows now deal explosive damage to multiple objects as intended
  • Exotic weapons equipped with silencers will now produce the sound they’re intended to make
  • NPCs engaged in combat will now react to grenades as intended


  • The ropes will now deploy properly to allow for extraction at the end of the Beekeeper Jeff side mission
  • Players should no longer be able to unlock Castle prematurely. This issue would block progression in some instances
  • Fixed a loot exploit that involved repeatedly killing bosses in some Invaded missions
  • In Jefferson Plaza, the NPC scene can no longer be interrupted during a boss fight


Additionally, alongside several PC-specific changes, developer Massive Entertainment has fixed a handful of sundry other issues.

“SHD CPU V.2” and “Cyclone Magazine” skill mods will no longer drop as loot going forward; XP rewards for all end game activities have been modified to scale with the player’s level, rather than adhering to a flat value; and, thanks to update 1.03, players should no longer find themselves trapped on a black screen following the introductory cinematics.

Finally, a number of unspecified corrupted audio issues have also been fixed.

The Division 2 launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on the 15th March. So, to help players get started on their journey across post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., we’ve written a number of handy guides, covering everything from XP farming to Dark Zone perk selection.

Source: Ubisoft